Wilkommen in Berlin!

If you are here because you love me enough to check in, consider this a big cyber hug of gratitude, and DAD, please stop worrying. I’m alive 🙂 If you are here out of curiosity, I hope you come away with inspiration, entertainment, or just having learned something you didn’t know about German culture, people and history. I will do my best not to ramble…no promises. Just to bring any new comers up to speed, my husband and I took a giant leap out of our sweet, cozy home in Kalamazoo, MI, and we are beginning a new life in Germany. Evan will pursue German brewing technique at the VLB in Berlin. My plan is to learn German, and audition as often as I can with a few performances to show for it.  I don’t know how long we will be here or where our next steps will take us, but I am excited to share this journey with you and I offer my sincere thanks to all who have supported us through this transition. God is Good.

It is both wonderful and terrifying to be in a place where nobody knows your name or your story. It’s empowering, at first, to realize that every interaction is a new opportunity to be your best self! There is a blank page unfurled before you and no matter what you say or how you say it, to each new person, it’s just you!  Imagine now being greeted at customs by a lovely Dutch man who asks how you’re doing (Wie geht es Ihnen?) and you respond quickly: Gut, und Sie? nailed it. Then he asks, “What brings you to Deutschland”, also in German.  At that moment, an AWESOME and super witty answer enters your mind, but when your mouth opens to say it, you just start sweating profusely and the only coherent German words that come out are “ich” and “Bier”. You fill in the blanks with some English words, but now you just appear confused, sweaty and a little drunk. did not nail it… at all. Fortunately, this particular gentleman was very patient, and since then, the sweating only happens when I am at the front of a long line ordering food or buying stamps.

1. Before departure at Midway
2. At DTW for short layover before flight to Amsterdam
3. Just exited the plane in Amsterdam and heading to customs to meet the lovely Dutch gentleman 🙂
4. That same day in our new apartment in BERLIN!




In an effort to boost my learning curve, I have joined a running club at Runners Point in the city center. It is across from the famous Kaise-Wilhelm-Genächtnis-Kirche on Kurfürstendamm Strasse.I had no idea what to expect, but I walked away from a fun evening of interval training with plenty of German practice and a few new friends! The best part: we drank delicious non-alcoholic beer after the run instead of Gatorade! Below is a picture of my new friend Joana who graciously translated everything for me during our recovery between intervals!










I’m sure many of you are wondering what our apartment looks like. Imagine one of those staged rooms at IKEA…it’s like that but with a real human living in it. Just so you know I’m not exaggerating:




I am very comfortable here. To be honest, it has been a refreshing dose of simplicity but while we’re being honest, I miss my husband and my dog.












I mean really, look at those faces. Can you stand it?

Although I miss friends and family, I’m taking any moments of loneliness in stride. I am fortunate to know a few people living here who have been extremely generous with their time and advice. Evan and I have a very lovely and talented friend name Sarah who has lived in Berlin for a total of 5 years! I am so glad to have reconnected with her. Sarah has already introduced me to Kreuzburg, two of the best cappuccinos I’ve ever tasted, AND seriously, the world’s most heavenly carrot cake. There is literally no contest. I can’t show it to you because I could not convince myself put the fork down for a picture.















This post is getting rather long-winded so I will end by showing you more pictures, and by apologizing to my husband because he cautioned me against being long-winded…


Die U-Bahn. Doesn’t this platform resemble a piano?!






Mitte: where I shared another delightful cappuccino with myself and got to speak some elementary Italian with the owners!








Practice rooms that I discovered online and finally located on Friday. They are booked until next week so my neighbors may have to suffer for a few more days…




Thank you again for visiting!  My hope is to keep you informed as I pursue my dreams, explore a brand new world, and learn a little more about being human along the way. Kindly forgive any extraneous commas, misspelled words or occasional grammatical faux pas. Hopefully, practice will improve the blogging experience for all of us. Please remember to follow me on instagram by searching for kmeffert: https://www.instagram.com/?hl=en.  Bis Bald!

8 thoughts on “Wilkommen in Berlin!

  1. hi Katelin!
    miss you and am glad to know that you already taking the city by storm and have friends. Love all your pictures and the story behind you r new adventure.
    Every time I sing , I think about you and all of the technique that I am trying to do. Most importantly , I ponder our love for music and the joy you have to share with those around you!
    You will have many frinds in no time.

    • Hi Diana! Thanks for checking out the blog! I have yet to taste food as delicious as what we ate at your house! I am forever grateful for friendships like yours. Hugs to Chip et all. xoxo

  2. Wow what an awesome way to learn about your adventures in Berlin. Happy you joined a running group. Great way to meet people. Loved your sweet message to all church members. You are so special to all of us. Can’t wait to get your next blog. . All your narratives have been so interesting. Don’t stop. Love and miss you

  3. Exhilarating, my dear Katelin! I’m thrilled to be sharing this time with you vicariously. Great idea to join a running club to meet new friends and practice your German! You got right on that – good for you! Love, L.

  4. Nicht bald genug!

    But we all will be loving the updates from Ku’damm! When I was there a little wall kept us from going from west to east along Strasse des 17. Juni, and the statues atop the Brandenburger Tor were turned around and faced East into East Berlin. I remember a little about walking along Ku’damm and in the Tiergarten. I especially remember the Lippenstift und Puderdose (the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedaechtniskirche). I hope you rekindle lots of my memories as you make your own!

    • Thanks for stopping by Rick!!! Amazing to think you were here when the wall was up. We live in Wedding right near where it went through so the stop lights are different depending on which direction I walk 🙂 I will try to rekindle as many as possible!

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