Ich bin ein Berliner!…now how on earth does this washing machine work?

Guten Tag meine Lieben! Week 2 is on the books! WOW. I cannot believe that it is Saturday again. It has been an eventful week of firsts, but I think my most important announcement is that I received my 1-year VISA on Thursday!!! This process meant showing proof that I have what I need in place to survive here to the Ausländerbehöde Amt (translation: “Foreigners rights office”). I brought with me a huge folder full of every important document you can name. It was one of the really stressful things consuming my thoughts, and I am SO happy to finally be certain that I can legally stay in Germany for the next 13 months as a freelance artist! image1 This was my most satisfying cappuccino yet.

So….German washing machines look like this: image2

Yeah, your guess is as good as mine. I spent some time translating this and finally just decided to go with the lowest temperature to avoid ruining anything. The tough part is that we don’t have a dryer so there are clothes and towels hanging all over our apartment at the moment. Who knew laundry would be such an adventure?



img_1549This transition has been such a wonderful opportunity to nurture my inner socialite. I have enjoyed meeting new people almost everyday and it has given me a lot of motivation to learn Deutsch!  One of these new friends is actually a graduate of the Northwestern University school of music. She graduated 2 yrs after I did and moved to Berlin where she started the “Berlin Opera Group”. Last night they performed Puccini’s La Bohème and I got to do the subtitles! The production was on the second floor of a bar in Prentzlauerburg called Brotfabrik and sat around 100 people. It was SO cool. Additionally, I just returned from a birthday party this evening and in 2 hours I met people from Argentina, Italy, Israel, Germany, England, Greece and Spain. Isn’t that just amazing! When I left there were 3 couples salsa dancing in the living room! It was definitely a night I won’t forget. I had some wonderful conversations with a woman who is teaching German to Syrian refugees. More on that later.

I have three auditions scheduled with agents in November so I will be sure to fill you in as those dates approach. I have spent some time practicing in my apartment as well as in the practice rooms I mentioned last week and between these two options I have everything I need to stay fit and learn my music.  I have inserted an instagram feed below and will continue to do so each week so you can see my travels in pictures and short videos as well.


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  1. Thank you for the information about teaching English as a second language. I passed it on to my daughter Amy. Hope to see you again soon. Let me know when you are in town so we can have lunch. Love to you

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