Finding the words…

Do you ever have a hard time coming up with the right word/words when you are communicating a story or asking for something from a stranger? In Germany, I face this daily and in almost every conversation I have. I am excited to be starting my first German language class on Halloween day and it can’t come soon enough. They don’t celebrate Halloween in Germany but some companies in Berlin have embraced the holiday and decorated their storefronts with spiderwebs, witches and skulls. It is oddly nostalgic. I am especially amused by Dunkin’ Donuts’ “Scary Autumn” advertisement on the sign that sits outside. 🙂  The school I will be attending is called Deutsche Akademie and was a much more affordable option to the Goethe Institute, which seems to be the gold standard of German language courses. My hope is that the structure of a classroom will give my learning curve the boost it desperately needs.

I am continuing to meet new people and I hope to work with 2 coaches who I have connected with recently. It will be nice to sing for another set of ears soon- much preferred to singing to myself everyday! The hard part about getting your voice to be heard in any competitive environment is that you must be opportunistic and completely uninhibited about talking to anyone and everyone. I have found that the only way to do this and still feel like my integrity and humility is in tact is to take genuine interest in what people do, and to be unafraid to ask them to be interested in what I do. And those are the kinds of conversations that make me excited to keep meeting new people in this city. I always emerge from these exchanges feeling enlightened and grateful instead of pushy and needy. I hope you will forgive me for this extremely brief outpouring of my thoughts this week. Below are some updated pictures on my instagram feed.  Prost!


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4 thoughts on “Finding the words…

  1. Hi Lovey,
    You dad sent this to me. I am so thrilled/proud/excited for you.
    What a life adventure. Your updates are wonderful. We get to share this
    incredible ride with you. I cannot wait to read the next chapter.
    I just returned from a trip through Northeast – Maine, NH, Vermont, NY, CT, Mass, NJ and PA. What a beautiful part of our country. The fall color was amazing. I picked a lobster just off the boat – folks cooked him and I ate him. Can’t get any fresher than that.
    All my love Aunt Deb

    • yay! I am so glad you stopped by to read it, Aunt Deb! I haven’t had to write consistently like this in a long time so I’m terribly rusty but it’s nice to know people are enjoying the updates. Your trip sounds amazing!!! I have never had lobster that fresh but I am sure it’s out of this world. I would have eaten him too 😉

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